Kindle Writer Software

Software, no matter who writes it, can always be improved upon and Kindle Writer is no exception. While every endeavour has been made to make the software as bug free or user friendly as possible, incorporating all kinds of features to make the product fit for purpose, nonetheless improvements can be made.

As the developer of Kindle Writer I am very grateful for users of the software for providing me with feedback about their experiences of using the software and for offering suggestions to improve what has been done. I listen to such feedback and make changes to the software on a periodic basis and update the version accordingly.


Posted: 20th April 2013

Screen Resolution Issue - (Enhancement) - All Modules
Screen resolutions have increased dramatically in recent years, and resolutions up to 1900 x 1200 are now being used. These resolutions are far from practical for general purposes (for HD video etc) but some people are using such resolutions even for Kindle Writer. I have had a couple of users using high resolutions reporting that they could not see some of the controls on Draft Writer. I have changed all the modules so that they will appear as a window inside a high resolution screen. The window can be maximized in the normal way (click on the maximize top button at top of the Windows screen) or drag the window to resize. The software is best seen in 1024 x 768.
Book Maker (Enhancement) - Editing HTML
I found it irritating when editing the HTML when writing my book "Nephilim Skeletons Found" that every time I saved it, I was sent to the cover page. Which meant that I had to go down on the preview to find if the changes had been made. Now, if you edit the HTML and are viewing the output in the preview alongside, when you save the changes, you will be returned to the place in the preview where the changes were being made.


Posted: 13th February 2013

Draft Writer (bug) - Importing HTML in Draft Writer
I/O Error 123 sometimes occurs when using this facility. Bug identified and fixed.


Posted: 1st December 2012
Draft Writer (Modified Feature) - Spell Checker
I have changed the Spell Checker in order to improve this feature as the previous spell checker which was somewhat tempermental. The new spell checker links to the Microsoft Word Spell Checker if installed using either US or UK English dictionaries.
Book Maker (New Feature) - Draft Writer/Brainstormer Look Up Folder
If you are in Book Maker and invoke Draft Writer or Brainstormer, the program will remember where you went. So if you were to go to them again the last document you last looked at will be loaded. However, the folder in which those documents are listed have not been listed in the file list on the left. I have added this facility so it will show all the documents in the folder that the document you are looking at will be found.
Book Maker (New Feature) - Checks to see if you have made modifications
This feature found in Brainstormer and Draft-Writer was lacking in Book Maker. It meant that if you were working on your book (HTML formatting) and inadvertenly closed the program, your modifications would be lost. I have now added a check for modifications (indicated by a red bar next to the file name box). If you exit the program, you will be aske if you wish to save the document before doing so. Book Maker (New Feature) - Search Inside Browser Previewer
You can search within the HTML panel (left-side) but not inside the Browser Previewer (right-side). I have added this function. It is useful because if you search the HTML for a particular section, you can also find it within the browser previewer without having to find it by scrolling down to search for the same section.
Book Maker (New Feature) - Browser Previewer Font Changer
You can now change the font shown in the Previewer which is based upon your Internet Explorer settings.
Book Maker (Modified Feature) - HTML font changer and sizer
In previous versions if you change the font or size, the entire HTML style would change. Now this only applies to selected text. Hence if you were to paste text from a different application and that was set at a different font size or size, you can easily change it to match the rest of the HTML.
Draft Writer (bug) - Insert Text button/Import Text I/O Error 123
Should go to source folder to import a text file but instead I/O Error 123 occurred. Fixed


Cover Designer (Cosmetic) - Text Object font size too small
When inserting Plain Text Object or Bezel Text Object, the font size was only 9 points. I have changed this to 32 points which is more realistic for Titles etc (Build 7)
File Organiser (Enhancement) - Added "My Computer" Button"
I have added Windows Explorer "My Computer" option so that you can view images as thumbnails which is not available in File Organiser (Build 6)
Book Maker (Bug) - Inserting Cover and Image
In Book Maker you can insert a cover or image and the code is inserted automatically. I have found that if the code is set at absolute filename conventions
<img src="c:\kindlewriter2\covers\cover.jpg">
then the cover sometimes is not recognised by Kindlegen. So I have returned to relative conventions as used in Kindle Writer 1 so that now when you press the buttons you will get
<img src="..\covers\cover.jpg">. (Build 5)
Brainstormer (Bug) - New File Problem
When you selected a folder and you are working on a new document, the name changes to "New Document" it should be "Untitled". If you save your document it will try to save as "New Document without file extension.rtf. This bug only occurs if you are in a new document and you move to a different folder to save it. This has now been rectified (Build 4)
PDF to Text Utility (Bug) - Unspecified Error
I developed this software using Acrobat Reader code to display the PDF, forgetting that each computer will have this configured differently. I have now removed the view function and this utility is now working OK. (Build 3)
Installer (Bug) - Kindle Writer loads upon Computer Switch on
Sorry folks. In the first release of the software, in the installer program I forgot to uncheck the option to add to start up. (Build 2)

Version 2 (1st October 2012) Build 1

Posted: 24th October 2012

Kindle Writer 2 replaces all earlier versions of Kindle Writer and has been completely updated with a new menu system, the integration of an improved Kindle Cover Maker within the program, the addition of Brainstormer (an ideas processor), Kobo Publisher (for uploading your Kindle Book to Kobo Writing Life, PDF text extractor, EPUB to Kindle Coverter and two online conversion systems. Draft Writer, Book Maker and Description Maker have all been enhanced.