Kindle Writer Software has helped numerous authors to publish their books to be read on Amazon's Kindle e-reader. This book will help you to get the most out of the software and consists of the following modules that are explained in the book:

BRAINSTORMER - Capture your ideas, research notes, story plot and in fact anything that will help you write your book
DRAFT WRITER - Write a draft of your book and manage each chapter with Book Manager
BOOK MAKER - This is a template driven HTML editor specifically tune for creating, building and proofing your book for the Kindle
DESCRIPTION MAKER - Write your important marketing description shown on the Kindle Store
COVER MAKER - Built around four interlinked modules, create your background cover, add special effects if you wish, create your cover for your book and resize it for the marketing cover you upload to KDP.
FILE ORGANISER - Organise your files and Backup your book
CONVERSION PROGRAMS - EPUB to Kindle, PDF to Text and on-line converter utilities.



Kindle Writer Simplified is available as a FREE Acrobat PDF or as a Kindle Book which you can purchase for a nominal fee from Amazon.

A part of it is also included in Kindle Write as a sample so you can refer to to see how it was built. Not only will the book help to learn how to use Kindle Writer, but you can use it as an example to refer to within the program. See how it was built with Draft Writer. See how the Universal HTML template was used to create the book.

Kindle Writer Simplified is now available as a FREE Acrobat PDF or as a Kindle Book which you can purchase for a nominal fee from Amazon.









Kindle Writer Simplified
"After having written paperbacks since 1997 (AuthorFrank.com ), I, too, eventually ventured into articles and then ebooks. The end product as a PDF ebook is OK, but not viable for readers and more difficult to market. Thus the Kindle is a natural for me. It will allow me to release a title so as to test markets before I ever commit to paper; and that may not even be necessary. However, the Amazon KDP guidelines are not crystal clear; a beginner would be lost for sure.

This title is a gem, in my opinion, because it explains the workings of the software Kindle Writer II as well as the requirements of the Kindle uploading process; and it's in clearly understood language. For the record, I purchased the as well. ."
- Frank Maurice

Great Resource
"This book gives you everything you need to write and publish your eBook. Instead of searching all over the Web for how-to guides, pick this up and invest your time writing. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to publish his or her work as quickly and effectively as possible."
- Brian Barber
Easy to Follow
"This e book is easy to read and so will be easy to follow. I would say it is what every author who wants to publish on Kindle, is looking for. Even technophobes could handle these easy to follow instructions"
- Mollie Lyons
I would highly recommend Kindle Writer Simplified to anyone not familiar with HTML and wanting to write for Kindle.
"This is an excellent program for anyone not familiar with the different format used by Kindle. The program was very easy to use and one of the great features was being able to review the way it would look on the actual Kindle. It was very easy to make changes and review those changes on the Kindle.

The free 30-day trial made it possible to review the program before putting out any money. This allowed the user to become familiar with the program and its many assets.

I not only recommend others buy it, I have bought it myself. Payment was smooth and responding letter from Fred Harding let me know that there was support and help for any problems I could run into. ."
- Lenie