"Ryan Deissís new book, Kindle Publishing Revolution, is simply a marketing tool to help draw traffic to his program, the Number One Book System (look ma! No affiliate link!). And in true scam artist form, this AMAZING system costs JUST three payments of $97."
- Belinda Pepper

Have you joined "The Kindle Revolution" promoted by marketeer Ryan Deiss? If you have welcome to another great scam that he has devised to make himself a lot of money while you end up getting nothing of any worth! Don't get me wrong! There is nothing wrong in marketing, but the problem is that what Ryan provides is virtually worthless. Most if not all you can find out free on the Internet. But people for some explicable reason are prepared to part with $300 for a "programme"- a course on "how to".

Ryan's success can really be put down to his army of affiliates who will promote his wares in order to get a cut of the profits... and there are a lot of profit to be made and Ryan knows how to get it. If you do join "The Number One Book System" which what the "The Kindle Revolution" is all about it will put you back about $300. No wonder you will find a lot of affiliate blogs promoting this and other products of his.

Although it is probably too late for many people now who have been fallen for the scam I felt I had to write this expose so that if in the future Ryan Deiss makes another sensational offer, and he will you can bet on it as a sure thing, you won't get sucked into the abyss again. Here you will see how Ryan does it, throwing in some useless freebies, a lot of talking videos that say very little of any significance accept for a few truths that can be found by simply Googling and how he, once he has your email, uses it to "pressure you", perhaps pressure is too strong a word, to influence you to buy the course that he promotes because you are pursuaded that you are getting a bargain. Ryan knows how to pull your strings.

I did a similar explose for scam marketeers Matt Bacak & Alen Sultanic who promoted their "Millionaire Club". You can read it at Millionaire Club. Ryan uses exactly the same tactics as these guys, in fact they are so close that one cannot help wonder if they are not part of the same syndicate.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT - Getting your Email

I first heard of "The Kindle Revolution" on Linkedin when one of Ryan's affiliates without mentioning that he was an affiliate. Bishop James Brown wrote, "Hi Helen, If you are about to sell on Kindle, check this out! Check out this Case study showing how Ryan is selling big numbers in a crazy niche." He then gave the link... The Great Kindle Challenge I noticed that when I followed the link the URL showed that he was an afilliate. This is how clever affiliates can be. They appear to give useful information but in reality are just promoting Ryan's product with the motive of gaining some commission. Quoting the good book which the good bishop should know, "they are wolves in sheep's clothing."

When I confronted the bishop he responded thus: "I make no apologies that I am an affiliate of Ryan. I am also a customer of Ryan. I have found that his info is ALWAYS cutting edge."

Confession is good for the soul but as he says, "no apologies", even though he used stealth tactics. You can read our tit for tat conversation at the link above.

I knew what was coming because I had seen it all before. The methodology is identical to the "Millionaire Club" marketeers of whom I wrote about above. According to one affiliate take and random, "The Number One Book System connects writers with the tools and advice they need to successfully offer a Kindle book to the huge number of Amazon customers. The freedom to write what they want and promote it their own way exists because of Kindleís incredible power, and now people have a program that will get them in tune with everything they need."

The program of course is the Training course "The Number One Book System" that will put you back $300. Oh by the way you do get a Forum where like minded people can talk to each other about their experiences. Ryan calls this the "Kindle Community" but you have to but the training program to become a member - $300. Crazy! Amazon has a great community called 'Meet Our Authors' community designed to give authors a space to engage with one another and promote their latest and greatest works... AND IT IS FREE!


One of the reasons why Ryan is successful, besides having access to a huge database of emails from gullable people to promote his future products is that he has an army of affiliates at his disposal.

As an affiliate each is supplied an advertisement website page just like the original on the Ryan Deiss website. The only difference is the affiliate reference is added to the URL so that if someone signs up to the "Number One Book System" at 3 x $97 they get a nice cut. Here is an example of such a advertising site - WARNING DON'T BUY! Take a look at the URL (Web address) at the top of your browser.

**** WARNING ****

Another affiliate blog says, "New Kindle Syndicate has 3500+ Members - Ryan Deiss". Of course this figure could be rubbish because the only person who knows is.... yes you guessed it, Ryan Deiss.

So in effect, Ryan has a large sales force at his disposal. Not only will they use the advertisement page provided to them by Ryan but they will promote Ryan's products through their blogs. facebook and YouTube videos. They will even write stunning reviews on Amazon. If you see a 5 star review you can bet your life it is an affiliate who wrote it. After all, they need to in order for them to share in the spoils, although of course Ryan gets the greater share.


The first thing that Ryan does is offer a few freebies. This is clever marketing to hook you and wind you into his scam. The first freebie is a report entitled "HOW TO SELL A 100 BOOKS A DAY". Good title! Shame about the content. He puts in a disclaimer..."Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques." The warning bells should be ringing...

As for what the book says, it only goes over what you can find on the Amazon website. The key suggestion described in the book is finding a niche and once you have found one then you should write your book about that niche. It does not matter if you have no interest in the niche because this is the secret to sell 100 books a day. In effect, if you have spent months and years writing your book, forget it! What you need to do is write a book to fill a niche ...

There are a few tit bits of information that could be useful in the book, but you can easily find the same suggestions on blogs, Amazon and other places for free. Ryan is simply repeating what is already easily available elsewhere. For example, Ryan recommends that you join Kindle Select when you publish your book and during 90 days your book will be sold for nothing, but you will get something...and a following. All this you can read about on, yes you guessed it right, Amazon Select! However, the report is not really provided to help you, only to hook you into his money making scheme.... and Ryan has more baits on the hook to pull you in.