Welcome to the Kindle Writer website. My name is Fred Harding and I am the developer of Kindle Writer, the only software available that has been specifically developed for authors to write their books and publish them on Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing platform).

Kindle Writer is a professional and truly one-stop-shop application for producing books for the Kindle.

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When you install the software you will have 30 days to trial it to see if it meets with your requirements. Try it out! What have you got to lose?

The trial version is fully working and it will allow you to become familiar with the softWare, to create and build your Kindle book and proof it on Kindle Previewer.

The trial is fully functional in every respect except that it will not however generate the final file for uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing and you will not be able to use the simple to use OPF editor that will enable the Table of Contents button in the Kindle Device. Also, when you create a cover for the book with the cover creating tools provided, a watermark will be generated on the cover.

These restrictions withstanding you will be able to easily write your book with Kindle Writer during the trial period and once you have registered to purchase the software your book will be ready to publish.

Your software package was invaluable and great value for money. The fast tech support you provide is really refreshing these days - as was your ability to actually update the software for me to add a feature I needed. The second book will be much quicker now I have everything set up and I fully understand the process.
- Richard Shields

Just letting you know that I used your Kindle Writer with great success and the book is now live on Amazon. Your program was very helpful and I plan to use it many more times
- Jessica Schneider


LATEST TESIMONIALS (Click on Cover thumbnails to see book on Amazon)

This program is amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to publish a Kindle book - beginner or advanced - this will make the task much less daunting and your final product will be a beautifully presented e-book that looks great on any kindle.

You can see exactly what your book will look like as you go along and the template and HTML codes are very easy to understand. Also, if you need any assistance throughout the process, Fred Harding is just an e-mail and very quick response away.

As a first-time author, this program made the daunting task of publishing a cinch - it takes you through the entire process from beginning to end and the support is fantastic!
- Joy Farmer, (13th November, 2017)

KindleWriter 2 is one of the very best preparation tools especially created by Fred Harding at Tekline Publishing. It's got all the most helpful features for anyone who's chosen to self-publish, and more! Whether you're a newbie or fairly experienced,

KindleWriter 2 is just so easy to use - it's practically foolproof. I highly recommend it, and bigtime thanks to Fred! [Did I mention his generous after-sales support? I did now!]
- Beth Porter, (19th October, 2017)

I cannot recommend Kindlewriter2 too highly, - nor Fred Harding, the man who created the program. I hadnít a clue about the intricacies of html, but I neednít have worried as Fred presented it in such a way that it was simply a case of following the toolbar letter codes to set the beginning and ending of paragraphs, page breaks, adding lines, etc and, much to my surprise, this was the part of compiling the book that I enjoyed most.

It wasnít all easy sailing as I had one or two glitches in my PC that caused me some trouble but Fred was absolutely marvellous in helping me to overcome them Ė always prompt, courteous and efficient Ė and showing me that it was the PC at fault and not the fool-proof software. He helped me in many ways and I am delighted with the finished result .

If you feel youíve got a book in you, then go ahead and buy Kindlwriter2 Ė and enjoy getting that book published.
- Alan Sinclair, (18th January, 2017)

A special congratulations to Alan Sinclair who, at 80 years of age, was able use Kindle Writer to realise his dream to publish his book. You are are never to old to use Kindle Writer.

I have now successfully uploaded the second volume in the "Ramtha Revealed" series. I certainly couldn't have done it without KW2 and your superb follow-through when I asked for help. Your recommendation that I keep images (and I used many of them) to a 600px width solved a major formatting issue, and they look great in the published Kindle book. You may wish to use the above as a testimonial --- I meant every word.
- Michael Knight, (28th December, 2016)

GENIUS! In a word, that's my take on KindleWriter 2. I had previously bought and tried two other programs that said they would make it child's play to create a Kindle book. WRONG! The first one had no support to speak of. The second one was too complex, and believe me I spent many hours trying to master it. Then I discovered KW2 and within the 30-day trial period I was muttering words like BRILLIANT!

I had a complex book to put together involving multiple chapters and many images. I applied myself to following your example files, checked out the on-line tutorials, and even emailed you for assistance a couple of times - and got feedback within minutes (not days or not at all as with others).

It's a niche market book, and because of its length and complexity, including text, images and a Table of Contents, it did take a while to go through several revisions and finally get a finished product. But I could not have done it at all without the many modules, templates, help-files and documents, on-line tutorials and personal assistance you offer. Future books will be an absolute breeze!
- Michael Knight, (2nd November, 2016)

By the time I completed the first draft of my series of twenty-five short stories that I linked to make a novel, I was searching for various sources to publish the final work as both a paperback and an e-book.

My research led me to the conclusion that self-publishing would help me reach my goal much faster. Assembly a paperback version would not be a problem as I had published an international e-journal for five years using In-Design. But what was a challenge was finding a way to publish the work as an e-book.

I was fortunate to come across Fred Hardingís KindleWriter2 on the Internet. After I tried to use his software package on my own, I had difficulties, not because of the program but because I was unfamiliar with HTML. I sent Fred an email about my problem and he promptly replied. During the whole process, Fred was willing, even eager, to assist me in completing my project.

Without Fredís program, his patience, help, and availability through e-mail, I would not have been able to publish an e-book version of my novel, Tales of Slavonic Souls: The Immigrants.
- Stanley Kajs, (5th October, 2016)

Once I became accustomed to how the Kindle Writer Cover Designer works, which actually is quite easy and user-friendly, I had fun designing my covers. Itís one of my favorite parts to this process.

Having creative freedom within a straightforward configuration enables me to obtain the design and look that I want with ease. I used photos and/or art from stock photo sites as the background, and then I built on from there using my favorite fonts (sometimes with shadowing and color) and paid attention to the positioning of words and spacing, all of which reflects my work and personal tastes.

I also found the PDF/manual, Kindle Writer Simplified, extremely beneficial, especially in the beginning. Many thanks for this great software!
- Tessa Stockton, (15th March, 2016)

I had given up hope of getting anything out there and published through the usual (costly) channels. I just continued writing because I enjoy it. My son and his wife, having read some of my poetry, suggested I self-published them in an e-book for Kindle.

Encouraged, I looked into it and found Fred Hardingís Kindle Writer 2. Itís a fantastic software program that Fred created for authors who want to self-publish! Better yet, it is available on a 30-day Free Trial, so you can try before you buy. You can get started right away familiarising yourself with how it works. After the 30 days, by which time you may have already put most of your draft book onto Kindle Writer2, all you pay is a modest £25 one-off payment, and the software is yours for life! Once paid for, you get a registration number via email, and you get the complete version which takes you all the way through to the publishing of your book on KDP (Kindle Publishing Direct) via Amazon! Ė And thatís it you are a published author at last!

I found Fred to be amazingly supportive. I was able to send any queries to him via email, which he responded to promptly every time. So not only do you get a fantastic product in Kindle Writer 2, you get the back up and customer service you would wish to have, to guide you through the process if needed. (Although there is a Cover Maker module on KW2, Fred also provides a great cover making service at a reasonable price. He created my cover and it was a stunner!)

Using Kindle Writer 2, I recently published my first book, ĎReflections-A Book of Modern Poemsí which is now, live on Amazon Kindle Store! I am already busy writing my next book, (a novel this time!), and itís all thanks to Fred Harding and his amazing software. Fred truly made my dreams come true and deserves all the positive testimonials he receives. I canít recommend Kindle Writer 2 highly enough, just go for it!
- Linda Lucas-Kenny, (Author of Reflections-A Book of Modern Poems). (24th August, 2015)

I highly recommend KindleWriter2. It is a very easy to use program, that takes you step by step through the process of publishing your ebook. From first draft to publication. Without needing any previous technical knowledge.
- Ian Haldon (author of Viking Moon and Jungle of Death), both produced with Kindlewriter2. (22nd August, 2015)

Kindle Writer was such a time saver creating a perfectly formatted Kindle Ebook. I am amazed. Will use this for all my up and coming books.
- John Flushberg (14th August, 2015)

If you ever thought you might want to write a book and then turn it into a Kindle book...be prepared for a bit of a nightmare...I posted in forums, asking what others were doing and began to experiment with the various programs they suggested. The results went from less than satisfactory to just downright bad. I would get it looking good in one version of Kindle and it would look terrible in another. Frustration ensued, and, all the while, comments were pouring in from our Facebook pages asking when the Kindle version would be available...

One forum member said that he had good luck with a program called KindleWriter2, a program designed to input the code quickly through the use of a toolbar with all of the codes Kindle accepts (and they don't accept very many). I went to the site and saw that they had a 30-day free trial so I downloaded it. In short order I had my text imported and most of the formatting done. There were a few wrinkles, for sure, most of them involving the Table of Contents which becomes linkable in the Kindle, but an email to the author resolved those quickly.

It took a week from the day of download to the day of publish, but a good bit of that time was fixing errors in my original manuscript that had been missed, and in converting tables to lists, and in sizing graphics. I also took time to fix the original paper manuscript errors and to send them in for revision, something you can do with Amazon since they print on demand as the book is ordered... The Kindle version went live this morning and I am one happy camper...
- Deb Akey and TJ Akey, USA (5th July, 2015)
Full Review here: http://theretirementproject.blogspot.co.uk

I had my first book published in 1997 and when the copyright reverted back to me, I decided to publish on Kindle. All the various forums were full of tales of woe, regarding the formatting of your text ready to upload to Amazon, so I began my own search for an 'all-in-one' software that could successfully manage this for me.

Following various searches, I came across the Kindle Writer and decided to download the trial version. Within the day, I decided to purchase it. This was the Authors 'Swiss Army Knife' software I had been looking for.

The software has been superbly compiled and is quite easy to follow if you download the accompanying 'Kindle Writer Simplified' book.

I would without reservation, recommend the Kindle Writer for any traditional Authors reticent about the transition from paper to digital format. The support and encouragement from Fred Harding is always extremely fast and very professional, not to mention the Lifetime upgrades.

Needless to say, my book has now been published and now resides on Amazon Kindle, as well as the book shelves.
- Martin Heald, UK (30th December, 2014)

My first book; The Outbreak - Ebola, Top Ten Survivalist Tips and More...; was written using Kindle Writer 2.

I was initially overwhelmed on how I was going to put this book together. The Kindle Writer step-by-step instruction was so easy to follow and the couple of questions I did have were immediately addressed by Fred.

The software is so easy to use and the user guide easy to understand. Kindle Writer 2 is highly recommended and worth much more than the published price.
- Robert Githens, USA (28th October, 2014)

As a consultant who works with service professionals to sell their services without being salesy I know full well the value of having and using a book as a "business card." But as an independent professional I struggled with not only writing my book but figuring out how to get it available for sale on Amazon and other retailers. Kindlewriter has been a God-send. The system is easy to learn and use so you can focus on writing your book. Laying it out and converting it into the proper formats is as simple as following the directions and clicking the right buttons.

What I think truly sets Kindlewriter apart is it was created by a writer for other writers and that Fred provides the most incredible level of customer service and support Iíve ever seen.

I'm a traumatic brain injury survivor and while I function at a high level, there are moments when my injury will get the better of me. When that has happened during moments Iíve been using Kindlewriter, Iíve been able to reach out to Fred and get kind, quick responses that have gotten me on the right path. And itís always been ďuser errorĒ, never a problem with the software.

If youíve been looking for a tool to help you prepare your fiction or nonfiction manuscript for publication on any of the e-reader platforms, Kindlewriter is the only tool you need. I canít recommend it highly enough.
- Winnie Anderson, USA (21st October, 2014)
Best selling author of Stand Out and Attract Great Clients, Faith From 9 to 5, and How to Write and Deliver a Eulogy


This is the pipeline for books that I am writing for publication in 2016 and 2017. Also, these are examples of covers that I have designed. I provide a low-cost cover design service, details below.


I have helped many authors to write their books when using my software, but in some cases it was evident that some had difficulties in design a high-impact, grab and buy book cover. Covers are extremely important.

Recently, when author Lee Hobart wrote to thank me for helping him publish his book using Kindle Writer and sending me a testimonial that I could put on my website, I was very pleased for him... until I saw his cover. It left much to be desired.

I took it upon myself to do one for him, two in fact, as he had also written another book. Below is his original covers next to the ones I did for him.

You must admit that the book covers I created are far superior to the originals, and in fact Lee told me that when his son was told about his book being published on Amazon, his son said what a great cover it was. What better accolade than that? This got me thinking. There must be a lot of authors out there who having written a book but who do not the skills to create a cover. Actually, I have built a great cover maker within Kindle Writer, and many authors have used it to create their cover. But even so, there are still authors who do not appreciate or lack the vision to build a great cover for their book.

Imagine, having spent hours and hours on writing a book, getting it published on Amazon, only to fall at the first hurdle because the cover is so poor that prospective book purchasers may think the rest of the book is equally as poor. I have acquired many skills in graphic design of the years and so I thought why not offer my skills to authors for a small price,

If you would like me to design a cover for your book to be published on the Kindle, I will create two. One for use inside your book (600 x 800) and the other for uploading up to KDP (900 x 1200) for only £75/$120. If you are interested feel free to email me.

Below are covers that I have recently created for authors.


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